Skilled agents or producers knowledgeable about property and casualty insurance have always been in demand by clients. With the knowledge gained through property continuing education courses as well as through casualty CE (note: they are usually offered together in one course---property and casualty continuing education), these skilled professionals are better able to suggest the appropriate insurance that meets the needs of their clients.

Simply defined, property insurance is coverage for a particular property, and casualty coverage is for loss or liability arising from a sudden, unexpected event such as an accident. So the actual term--- property and casualty insurance--- is coverage for a specific property and liability protection. Most people would say, auto, home, boat, motorcycle insurance etc. would be among the many items covered. So both property and casualty continuing education is vital for agents and producers.

Oftentimes, clients do not fully understand the difference between the two types of insurance. For example, while both casualty and property insurance insure against loss and/or damage of property, casualty insurance—as mentioned---covers loss that is a result of direct accident, and property insurance covers specific events, such as theft or burglary. So, learning about the differences by taking the Success CE property and casualty continuing education courses adds to the advisor’s knowledge, thereby helping them to become more effective and helpful to clients.

Success CE offers a high-credit-hour course titled, “Personal Lines--Total Coverage” for property and casualty agents and companies nationwide. This course covers all personal lines and can be worth up to 30 insurance continuing education hours in the agent’s state. Our property and casualty continuing education courses are approved in all 50 states.

The property and casualty continuing education course fits in nicely with the Success CE tradition of allowing property and casualty agents to earn a large number of hours in their state toward their insurance CE license renewal with a single comprehensive course, instead of having to take three or four courses elsewhere to earn the same number of credit hours. This is an impressive advantage.

Success CE can also meet a P&C licensee’s property and casualty continuing education renewal requirements. With the online Prelicensing for property and casualty, as well as online video courses that combine sight and sound Success CE can help agents pass the securities or insurance license exam the FIRST time! The benefit is cost-savings, efficiency, better retention of knowledge, and superior client service.