Efficiencies That Can Be Gained Through Online

There are numerous providers of online insurance continuing education, but how many have a Web 2.0 application that allows advisors to quickly and efficiently complete their online insurance CE courses?

Success CE is approved in all 50 states for insurance CE credits online. The Success CE system stores all course results so that each advisor will have a complete history of his or her course activity. The advisor has an individual account page showing the complete record of the online insurance CE courses they have completed. The advisor also can print their certificate of completion at any time in the future.

The Success Family of CE Companies is a recognized leader in technological advances in online insurance continuing education and pre-licensing. Online insurance continuing education offers numerous efficiencies including the fact that since our system stores the CE information, you can start, stop, come back and complete your test in your own time frame and at your leisure. Plus, you get instant test results.

Efficiencies also include working with a knowledgeable and competent service staff who can answer all of your questions about online insurance CE courses. When you begin your online insurance continuing education, you want to complete the courses quickly and---that’s right--- efficiently, so you don’t want to wait three or four days for someone to call you back. If you have a problem or an important question, you need the help right then and there, right? Nothing could be more exasperating than having your work held up because you can’t get an answer to questions about your online insurance CE classes.

Pricing is also considered an efficiency because we offer a low package price and all of the online insurance continuing education hours you need.

Success CE has grown significantly over the years and we are proud that we have achieved “state-of-the-art” technological status, and that the industry recognizes Success CE as the technology and content leader of online CE for insurance.