It’s no secret that there are numerous providers of insurance CE credits in the US. But, how many of these providers actually encourage you to gain the knowledge—in addition to obtaining your insurance CE credits---that will ultimately benefit your practice and your clients? How many of you have taken this into consideration while searching for a CE provider?

The thing to remember about obtaining your insurance CE credits is that ‘knowledge is power,’ and you must never stop learning. If you truly want to help your clients, you must be knowledgeable in the areas that will help them. For example, if you have clients who are close to retirement age and they are worried about their ability to maintain their current lifestyle, you will be able to explain that there are certain products and investment solutions that may help. Products that might provide guaranteed retirement income, tax-free cash flow, diversification, for example. And this knowledge comes from learning about them through robust courses offered through insurance CE credits online.

This is why it is so important when you are considering your insurance continuing education credits to thoroughly research the CE course providers. The quality of content is key, especially if your goal is to not only obtain your insurance continuing education credits, but also to gain knowledge for the benefit of your clients. Knowledge is a great differentiator and you should be looking at your insurance continuing education credits as a career enhancement, not simply as something that is required of you.

As you research CE providers, we recommend you evaluate whether or not the courses for life insurance CE credits and the health insurance CE credits offer the knowledge that you need to help your clients in a meaningful way. How do you do this? Look for content that doesn’t rehash old information. Some CE content can be out of date with a low number of hours. Instead of searching for three, five, or six -hour courses of insurance CE credits online, look for those that have a minimum of 15 hours credit. You see, regulators look carefully at course content. Why do you think they give higher credit hours to some and not others? Because the content of the higher credit-hour courses is significantly more educational and informative.

At Success CE, we have the curriculum team to develop current, high-quality content for life insurance CE credits to help advisors obtain their required hours, and the knowledge to help them retain clients and grow their practices. By gaining knowledge through insurance continuing education, everyone benefits.