Increasingly, more and more financial advisors and insurance professionals are becoming Certified Financial Planners ™ (CFP®). They realize that by choosing CFP continuing education to obtain these elite and robust credentials, that they also receive the knowledge they need to play a central role in their clients’ life planning strategies.

By obtaining CFP continuing education credits, prospects and clients will feel comfortable that your expertise will help guide them and their families through some of the most important financial concerns of their lives. CFP continuing education courses will teach you how to look at a client’s life goals in a holistic manner and to help them achieve financial well-being through a well-thought-out financial plan.

Choosing a CFP is one of the most important decisions an investor will make--- they need to be re-assured that the individual they choose is competent and trustworthy. And choosing a CFP continuing education provider is one of the important decisions you will make in order to hone your skills and become the competent advisor they are seeking. In order to gain clients who feel this way, Success CE can help by offering a robust library of CFP continuing education courses.

With Success CE CFP continuing education courses, you can either obtain your CFP continuing education credits with your insurance exam, or you can browse our library of CFP-only courses for other CFP continuing education credits. We are the one-stop shop for your CFP continuing education , and we house and keep track of all your CE records, too!

Please note: once you are certified, CFP® practitioners must complete a minimum 30 hours of CFP continuing education every two years to stay current with developments in the financial planning profession, and better serve clients. We welcome the opportunity to help you become certified and assist you with your ongoing requirements.